It is about being who we are.


The return of the rituals | A home that restored us

Transformations in our routine, different demands and ways of working, and a new reality that comes to change completely the relations with the exterior world.  Yes, it is about time to look to our own particular infinite.  But it is much more than that: it is time to balance everything that surrounds us and give us moments of reconnection with ourselves and with those we love – this is what enlightens our existence.

The tensions of our daily activities trigger feelings and sensations that might impact our mental health: after all, the amount of information - personal and professional tasks which are now accumulated in the same time - has made the habit of disconnecting almost impossible. What most people don’t realize is that, luckily, we luckily count on our homes as refuges – spaces of decompression, inspiration and tranquility which are at our disposal anytime.

We have to relax and accept such necessity, which is more and more evident. This is about the capacity of trusting in life, in the natural flow of all things. And this is the theme that the 8th issue of Revista B. brings up to our conversation – after all, if our the more our homes can help us in this process of introspection and relaxation, the better for us all. The proposal is suggesting room ideas and rituals that contribute for more invigorating days and nights, as spaces conceived to stimulate all senses and not being restricted to what you see. Colors, lights, textures, scents – everything come together to become a manifest of tranquility, affection and love.

After all, planning a home with objectivity, function and self-expression, of course, is one example of selfcare. There is the place where we’ll have seek refuge, safety, and where we’ll keep the most unforgettable memories.  Every single day we look forward to going back to that sacred space and meet much more than a collection of personal belongings. We want a place where it is possible to disconnect, to practice our spirituality, our daily rituals, as well as to aligned the syntony with ourselves and with those who share our existence. 

When we list our preferences – a big bathroom, a cozy and inspiring living room and even a lounge to receive family and friends – we are capable of developing homes full of purpose, allowing each person who lives there to build their own journey in fullness. A home does much more than sheltering us – it is the place where we’ll map the route of our lives, strengthening goals, dreams and convictions.



Our motto is selfcare. Thus, the bathrooms with the atmosphere of a professional Spa are standing out in contemporary projects. They have become a true oasis which stimulates reflection and connection with good energies, releasing the stress out of our routine. Bathtubs in Victorian style, Jacuzzis and ofuros are some of the flexible choices witch match to different décor styles – being a complete delight for body and soul.

For being more reserved, this room for therapeutical baths allows bold compositions that reunite several textures: there is wood covering the ceiling and the walls in the finishing Legno Riscato Rosso in complete syntony with the closet in Lacca Verde and their charming doors in Arezzo Trama. The austerity of the wood with the freshness of the weft offers a modern look, making this private Spa the center of the décor. It is possible to go further also in the ambiance: using  water movement and its sounds to sharp senses while you relax. Try to add a fountain with running water, water mirrors or even a cascade on the wall to potentialize this special moment of selfcare.



Overcome the line that separates the interior from the exterior and contemplate the most inviting space in the world: our own homes. These past months have made us turn our attention back to areas little explored before in our homes and that provides us a direct and extremely necessary connection with nature. Gourmet lounges gain more attention in projects, coming out as one of the essential rooms nowadays – not only for the integration with the gardens and the pool area, but also because it accommodates people of all ages in a comfortable and optimized way.

Our inspiration has as its startING point the clear wood of our finishing option Legno Riscato Nordico, a tonality which evokes minimalism and bring warmth to the décor. In this kitchen area, the technology of our line Bontempo Connect is totally integrated to the woodwork. Both the drawers opening as well as the lighting of the shelves count on the help of virtual assistants – Google or Alexa. The configuration is simple and capable of transforming your routine: it just takes minor instructions settings such as “party tableware” or “coffee cups” so that the device finds the required items.

The cosmopolitan touch is given by the china cabinet and also by the center counter: the first with Capri doors, with aluminum structure, more robust and rectilinear, and the second with the smart application of our line Metallo Struttura in this room specially planned so that the host can prepare their favorite recipes before their guests.

Both have the finishing option Platino and glass Refletente Grigio, two details that bring elegant grey tones to the space – they highlight this piece even more due to the internal lighting. The china cabinet organizes the tableware with sophistication and makes everything more practical and accessible.

  • It is about multifunction!

No matter what season it is, its use can be adapted to different situations: barbecues, brunches, informal lunches and elegant dinners. Gourmet lounges have come to life for multifunction, becoming spaces of leisure where family members and friends can hang out. And when we talk about gourmet lounges, we are not dealing with a room with long counters, grills and special ovens – here we have big couches, suspended swings and designer’s chairs which elevate the space to a true lounge area.

  • APPs to help you on your routine: And when we talk about organization, being personal or regarding our homes, the exclusive Bontempo App stands out as our ally: in the kitchen, it takes on the mission of planning shopping lists, classify the storage room products, as well as suggest recipes based on the culinary preferences of each person. Available for Android and iOS.



Prioritize comfort, privacy and keep what is fundamental. Modern homes now have rooms that summarize the necessity of having spaces dedicated to what inspires us and reveals who we are. In areas planned to being used in a more intimate way, the premise is highlighting the beauty of simple forms – details which add personality and keep fluidity, organization and coziness, all elements even more necessary in our routines always so intense.

Private spaces occupy our imagination, reunite different proposals and ensure their use to all family members

  • In a single room, countless functions: wide bookshelves in finishing options Lacca Vulcano e Lacca Petrolio making personal belongings and books, vinyl albums and souvenirs stand out, objects with immense emotional value for those who live there. Technology is also present in this piece due to Lightfinder function, a Bontempo Connect line exclusive item. With it, it is possible to activate – with a simple voice command – the lighting in specific shelves, identifying easily whatever is kept there.  All of that keeping evident the games corner, now repaginated – it gained ergonomics and functionality over the hours of entertainment.
  • For moments of contemplation and rest, couches and armchairs transform the area in a room which make it possible to reconnect to your passion – such as music and literature. Such pieces have an essential role by being inviting, accommodating people with comfort and improving décor with style and authenticity.
  • What is in: modern projects show that looking up is also pure charm. With custom panels forming an elegant volume, the ceiling grants charm and personality to the private area in different occasions, being individual moments or family gatherings.