It is about being who we are.


In a world in constant evolution, we are experiencing new and different relations regarding our homes and our very existence. More than ever, it is about time to turn our attention back to what happens inside each one of us and of our homes.  Bontempo believes in embracing this moment, with caring and respect, as a unique opportunity to reinvent ourselves, discover new core values and extract from it countless opportunities to show who we are – with freedom and creativity.

Our homes, now more than never before, turn into places that help us to map our desires, strengthening ideals and beliefs. Houses are the keys for our own forms of self-expression and do lot more than just serve as shelters.

Therefore, changes in our routine have brought also new needs: we fully understand the importance of creating a deeper connection with our spaces. We also noticed how essential it is to foster such connection. Every room matters – from the kitchen to the living room – and we must have more than a collection of belongings inside such spaces. Slowing down and observing tones, shapes and textures is also a form to be more conscious of the space we inhabit. Whence expressive spaces, which tell stories and record them, are the legacy we want to transmit to those who grant Bontempo the amazing task of materializing their projects.

There is no doubt that this collective awakening offers the chance to look at each detail, each corner of the place where we live as an exercise of inspiring creativity to make a bedroom cozier, a living room more sophisticates and a studio (even) more functional. The idea of a home as a refuge brings out this very feeling: giving it a new meaning. This is the moment when we find our essence in the little details and, from them, we adventure ourselves in a universe of possibilities.

Now, inspirations are divided into four proposals:



Colors are expressions of identity.

In their infinite nuances, tones become powerful sources of energy, influence in your well-being and help you to express in a very special way countless aspects of your routine. From the look we wear to the way we choose each single detail of our homes, colors transmit messages and help to show the world everything we love, believe in and live. And as each tone creates different perceptions, it is right to say that they have a fundamental role in our lives, transforming our emotions, energy and even our actions.

At Bontempo, colors are much more than part of our portfolio, they are vital forms to celebrate the identity and the singularity of each individual.



Liberty is not fear to be who we are.

In a society that tries to impose so many restrictions, having the necessary courage to be authentic is even more important. After all, the more we connect to ourselves, the more creative, inspired and original we become. Being free to try new things, to recreate ourselves whenever we want and believe in our own singularity is one process that has no turning back: it invites us to be fluid in the most dynamic way life can offer us – and there is nothing more revolutionary than that. For a long time Bontempo has bringing a new meaning to each home as a project that must be thought with freedom, offering countless creative possibilities.  So, talking about liberty is ensuring that each piece of furniture can be materialized from distinct shapes and sizes, exclusive patterns and cuts. This is our way to enable plurality – of people and their homes.



Home: cozy as a hug. 

There are words that once said they evoke the most comforting sensations.  It is the warmth in the chest which spreads itself and materializes in the certainty that we have a refuge, a place where to feel supported – in the broadest sense of the word. Coziness is caring, it is the encounter and the reunion with all that we love. Even better when this feeling extends to our homes: sacred places that protect us, regenerate us and purify us. There is nothing more special than feeling embraced by our own home and this is the reason that wood is so present in places where comfort is a premise. Its nuances and unique patterns bring us closer to nature, making our homes a refuge that embraces us and offers us a sense of well-being as no other material. And its nobility goes way beyond that: as no tree is equal to the other one, the natural wood laminates never repeat themselves – they become special as each one of us.



Diversity is celebrating the beauty that lives in what is different.

And when we talk about self-expression, we want to amplify the infinite voices, the most diverse styles, ways of thinking, creating and occupying the world where we all live in. Embracing diversity is celebrating the past, the present and the future that, together, consolidate themselves and become essence, personality and awake new perspectives. The act of “dressing” our homes become something as important to our own well-being than the functionality of each room – they have to tell our history and reflect the beauty of the particular journey of each one of us.  This is why Bontempo believes that being able to count on a variety of materials – such as wood, glass, fabric and metal – is the first step towards more authenticity, visual and sensorial effects that imprint the several ways of living our lives into our homes.  After all, the most important thing is that each space represents what you feel and what you like, creating a unique result: your own brand.