Known for its spectacular cuisine and the love for furniture making, Italy is also a reference in design.

Traces full of harmony and elegance make this country a true fortress of big names who have as main feature the aesthetic perfection allied to a contemporary style of occupying spaces. And the synchrony with the beliefs of our Factory of the Impossible created  the partnership between Bontempo and Decoma Design – a studio founded by Luigi Mascheroni, one of the biggest names of Avant Garde architecture. Two brands that come together to offer the quality of Italian woodwork allied to the cutting-edge technology of the factory located in São Marcos, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.

Signed by the Milanese office Decoma Design, Luce emerges as an option as functional as contemporary in décor. It is a versatile system that can be used in the most diverse products, from bookcases to closets, making the furniture intertwine harmonically and naturally with the space. After all, the combination couldn’t have been more perfect: the classic and awarded Italian geometry side by side with infinite creative possibilities and cutting edge technology.

Among their main features, Luce brings out the valorization of details and high-tech innovation. It counts with devices of electric conduction inside columns, shelves and total flexibility of usage: being applied in different situations and project as well as in finishes combined to other materials.