The beauty of natural wood.

Shades, carvings, diagonal grains, veins and textures that never repeat themselves and bring  total exclusivity to each tyniest part of the project. This means that the original and natural characteristics of Legnos – their delicate details and, especially, their natural diversity – are kept and assure the materialization of sophisticated spaces. Moreover, they place the harmonious beauty of wood into your home. By the way, if we are unique as individuals, the same applies to the singularities of this new groups, which comes to add more possibilities of materialization by Bontempo.


Legno Originale Spanish Elm

Natural, this finishing option in Spanish elm wood laminate evokes a singular atmosphere in all spaces. The heartwood – in an expressive yellowish light-brown color – and the alburnum have some differentiation due to their tone, ensuring a beautiful contrast and a broad variation in their patterns. The result is a unique space, full of style.


Legno Originale Oak

The versatility makes the oak one of the most sophisticated and well-known wood laminates. Their homogeneous tone, with refined veins, is a synonym of equilibrium and lightness, granting spaces with Harmony and balance.


Legno Originale Walnut

This wood type, appreciated due to its variation of tone and vein pattern, receives a special place in our range of laminates.  Rich in contrast, which may vary from lighter to darker shades, it can receive a purple shade and darker knots, with half diagonal grain, depending on their cut and dimensions.