The beauty of projects relies on their particularities. They are the ones which value the space and make it stands out comparing to other spaces, making each room unique, authentic and full of the essence and the energy of those who live there.


Internal closet hangers have also received a new configuration. The items, fixed on wood shelves, become details which transform a piece of furniture into a work of art – and now with more possibilities of metallic finishes that highlight its knurling effect.


Thinking about offering more options for self-expression and personalization, not only in furniture but for all rooms, Bontempo presents its new profiles for wall panels. There are countless finishing options, with delicate fillets which make the panels stand out and value the connection with the walls. Such profiles increase the possibilities of creation for those who are not afraid of carving their identity in every trace and every detail of the project.


Always aware of the different demands of each project, Bontempo presents the metallic profile for shelves. Each detail creates a singular effect according to the finishing or texture which it is combined with. With the same proposal of fillet, this profile is fixed on the lateral edges of the shelves, creating a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic, and it also is a detail capable to value the piece in a unique way.


Laminatos, one of the most versatile groups of finishing options by Bontempo, have received new versions as well.  

Laminato Pardo

This is a wooden finish with a shade of red and marked patterns with marked diagonal grains.  Its singular appearance is unique and reminds us of Jucá wood, the Brazilian ebony.


Laminato Pietra Graniti

Its finish with a grey stone pattern le in decor. As with other patterns from Laminato Pietra group, this option oreminds us the rustic appearance of basalt offering a unique styffers new possibilities by allowing the creation of distinctive traces and a wider variation of colors and details.