For this reality with several ways of self-expression, mostly inside our own homes and in projects even more personalized, Bontempo presents what is new in the brand portfolio. Besides offering smart and functional solutions for all spaces, our new products Work to add value and improve the aesthetics of each room, allowing countless ways of arrangement and freedom of creation.

Capri Door

Inspired but not restricted to the industrial atmosphere, where steel and aluminum reign, this door has a stronger and more rectilinear profile.  Functional, it may be used in spaces with different decor styles, from contemporary to classic. With Urban, our new finish, this release aims a more cosmopolitan style in decor. 

Arezzo Door

A reinterpretation of a classic makes this new door model – with frame – one of Bontempo options for those who want a space with its own identity.  Available in all finishes, the range of tones makes it stand out with a special touch to define the concept of the spaces where it is inserted.

Available also in the following versions:

Arezzo Vidro: Offers more possibilities to each project.

Arezzo Trama:  It transits between vintage and modern, evoking memories. Its elegant weft structure allows ventilation inside the furniture as well as the most different uses in décor.

Weft options:

- Canage: Its hexagonal design is indefectible and broadly used in single pieces, chairs and armchairs. Its originality makes the weft rhythm one of the most popular in decoration.

- Canvas: A mulled version for those who aren’t afraid to be bold. This door can be used in different proposals once its natural touch makes it a cross-functional piece in decor.

Asti Door:

This model was inspired by the Cavitá Door, however there is a small difference: this new product allows the use of handles, making the furniture even more impressive and customizable. Available for all Bontempo finishes.