It is about being who we are.

Inspirations Bontempo 2020

Using our homes as a space for experimentation, creativity and self-expression is not a rare exception anymore. More than ever, it has become the rule for those who aren’t afraid of bringing their lifestyle, spirit and emotions to each space.

Just as some cities – unique in their nuances, stories, fragrances and contrasts -, we do believe that taking personal experiences into décor is also related to revisiting. Under our own perspective, revisiting experiences, people, moments that have made us who we are. 

Therefore, Bontempo introduces its Inspirations 2020. Guided by the cities of Chicago, Tokyo and Barcelona, we highlighted three palettes that bring those cities together, cities known for overrunning culture and awaking passions. Having a closer look at each one of them, we want to connect their colors, customs and traditions to our power of materialization and personalization.



The Japanese capital lends us its upgrade of minimalism in a palette that mixes balances and ancestrally. The light and the contrast between colors and forms make this inspiration a walk by the Japanese tradition through a contemporary perspective. Here, simplicity and fluidity are the main characteristics:  Asti doors, part of our new releases, are a discrete and audacious option which allows using handles or not. The use of light wood, metals, structures anchored on columns, horizontality and symmetry also reminds us the oriental atmosphere. The delicate shojis – Japanese translucid and delicate doors – are revisited by Bontempo due to the new Treliça panel. Multifunctional, the pies may sectorize the spaces while decorate the room.



An open-air gallery. Gaudì’s city offers citizens and visitors a unique opportunity to vibrate in the same frequency as its several colors and forms. This surprising artistic collection inspires us through a palette as extravagant as harmonious which has the contrast as its main feature: While we play with shades of color in our furniture, we also evoke the elegance and the balance of wood in the new finish Legno Caramelo applied on Fresare panels. Talking about what is new, Lacca Nocciola, other release, is present in closets and panels which decorate walls, its tonality goes from grey to light brown allowing compositions in different styles. The quadrangular and symmetric trace of Catalan neighborhoods has also been a reference for the creation of Arezzo doors: our framed fronts, with or without weave, that allows air circulation inside the piece.



The architecture capital of the United States gives its grandiosity and capacity of reinventing itself to our inspiration with a cosmopolitan touch. Influenced by the Prairie Houses by Frank Lloyd Wright, we came up with a simple palette – however not obvious, inserted in an open-plan project – almost as if it were a big loft. Its wall-free structure allows countless options to express styles and, consequently, personalizes internal divisions. Metal and transparency – here present on the new Capri Fronts with  quadreti glass – are also essential for the creation of an atmosphere that resides between minimalism and industrial and is as sophisticated and energetic as a blues song.