Offering infinite possibilities for manufacturing furniture is in the company DNA.

A brand that reinvents itself from time to time, breaking the limits of the industry.

A company that always had a different mindset, going beyond the standards of the traditional furniture industry. Bontempo has reinvented itself through time, anticipating market needs and new trends in Design, Architecture and Decoration, bringing customized solutions for environments and providing high quality standards for clients.Certain of the infinite possibilities when creating projects, the company understands each client has their own style, and starting from there, went on to provide furniture that reflects the personality of each one, keeping their essence, expertise and innovative vision.


The Bontempo industrial park is located in São Marcos, Rio Grande do Sul State, and is a 40,000 m² private factory.

1.500 professionals

There are 300 professionals working in the factory and around 1,200 throughout the franchises in Brazil, Uruguay and the United States.

43 stores

Bontempo franchises are scattered throughout the entire country (22 states) and have already crossed borders; all the way to Punta del Este in Uruguay, and Chicago and Fort Lauderdale in the United States.