Roberto Migotto

Roberto Migotto signs Le Riad Bontempo at CASACOR São Paulo 2018

A 600 square-meters project rises as a landmark in the history of the most expressive décor show in America, signed by one of the major players of Brazilian architecture in a partnership with Bontempo, expert in custom-design furniture.

It is almost a mirage. You need to take a deep breath before entering the domains of the space that Roberto Migotto, in a partnership with Bontempo, created for the 32nd edition of CASACOR São Paulo. In his 21st exhibit (including the international edition in Miami), the architect who has the status among the best professionals of his time, brings sophistication to a higher level in a 600 square-meter area that takes your breath away.  “The idea was building a kind of oasis among the hectic atmosphere of a Western megalopolis, permeated by major references of Moroccan architecture, always highlighting the quality and the design almost artisan of Bontempo”,  the architect states.

Roberto Migotto e Rosmar Stedile.


Therefore, Le Riad Bontempo evokes the traditional buildings of the African destination which inspired classic movies such as Casablanca and personalities like Yves Saint Laurent, proposing an integrated living with nature and reinterpreting the limits of “inside and outside”, in total synchronicity with the theme “A Casa Viva”, “The Living House”, chosen for this edition.

Cosmopolitan, avant-garde and original, Migotto is well-known for developing timeless and humanized spaces, bringing different styles and times together, with authorial drops. The featured signature of the architect is also present in the project woodwork, developed by Bontempo – expert in high standard custom-made furniture, which carries in its core the precision elegantly crafted by Italian woodwork. With an unprecedent history in the national furniture industry, the company translates in its exclusive pieces Migotto’s unique touch with perfection, culminating in completely personalized solutions for Le Riad and its infinite possibilities.

Rafaela Stedile, Roberto Migotto, Rosmar Stedile e Ricardo Minelli.

Besides the accurate trace of the professional, which is present in each and every detail of the space, the project refers to his travels around the world and the impressions he brought with him back home. “I went to Morocco in 2017 and was enchanted by the typical architecture of Moroccan homes, with giant walls on the outside and all the area of the house facing a big patio inside. I wanted to bring such inspiration to create a project that promotes living together”, says Migotto.

This parfum comprehends from the color palette, composed by desertic shades such as mustard yellow, nudes, black and touches of leafy green in decorative items to shades of light beige bricks. With a ceiling with geometric cuts, executed with mastery by Bontempo into a real work of art, where wood, which also follows a lighter pantone, is a common element in all spaces, growing from the floor is the dry areas to the woodwork and custom-made furniture which stands out in the areas of the closet, library and kitchen.

Beauty lives in the details!

Responsible for the welcome at Riad, the Entrance Hall shows an intriguing pattern on the floor in granilite. The pattern repeats itself in its several forms in the project, as in the Muxarabi sliding doors customized by Bontempo, which surrounded the living separating it from the entrance and the library, besides the design of the panel that surrounds the living room in an exclusive solutions developed by the company for the project with finishing options in mat lacca in the new shade Areia.

These patterns reminds the traditional muxarabis and stand out boldly in the noble Tagine panels in the kitchen ceiling, which create an incredible aesthetic effect and propose a unique and cozy lighting. “Bontempo is known for its excellence in custom-made furniture, but its expertise in woodwork solutions amazes everyone for its impeccable execution and finishes. We were able to translate this atmosphere in a non-literal and unusual way”, the architect comments.

In the Kitchen, the custom-made furniture follows a lighter tone, in the pattern Legno Riscato Nórdico, highlighting the texture and the veins of the laminate pre-composed of wood, favoring the natural light circulation that enters the place by big glass windows and promotes a close contact with live elements such has the centenarian olive tree that serves as background for Adélia chair, created by designer Bruno Faucz to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Bontempo. The touches of color point details of the furniture and the decoration, such as the Verde Oásis finish present at strategic points, such as the lateral modules of cabinets in Laccato, besides the big dinner table in  Verde Alpi marble, which makes part of the meal preparation area.

Composing a contemporary proposal, the Living mixes different prints and textures, starting with the delicate Rabat panel, personalized by Bontempo on the opposite wall from the patio, which holds a sculpture by artist Angelo Venosa. In the center, the sofa in green velvet creates a contrast with the furniture in pastel shades full of geometrical patterns from the structures to the cushions.

From the Living there is an access to the reflecting pool framed by the encaustic tiles developed by the architect and highlights the exuberance of the olive tree among palm trees with different heights, in a garden designed by Luis Carlos Orsini, responsible for the famous gardens at Instituto Inhotim (the most important outdoors center  of contemporary art in the world). In this space, the furniture interlinks the external area and is responsible for creating a perfect place for celebrations and oasis contemplation.

The project has also the Meknès library where Migotto, once more, shows his exceptional talent for mixing styles in a coherent and elegant way, materialized by Bontempo with lighted shelves and finishes in Legno Riscato Miele pre-composed laminate which reproduces the naturality of wood and has details in metal in the edges, and also a picture by photographer Isacc Julien. The curved sofa by Monsieur reminds the Art Déco style in animal print and in harmony with the chandelier design with exclusivity by the professional.

The Closet brings out all the splendor or Bontempo furniture presenting the new Dintorni Line with lateral panels, top and back panels in Velluto Visone Liscio finish and doors composed by bronze reflective glass on the top and Pelle Visone Liscio pattern on the bottom. The shelves from Iluminata Line, besides the functionality of light inside the closet, received a finishing option specially developed for this project. The countertop of the sink in Travertino Silver counts with two wash basins in an exclusive tone too, ideal for a couple.

The capacity of personalization by Bontempo is even more evident in the materialization of the Fez panel with exclusive geometric pattern – also inspired by the thorough details of the Moroccan Riads – which involves the bathroom area.

In the master bedroom, a bed with a dais becomes the heart of the room, which allied to other elements such as the wallpaper with graphic art helps to compose the atmosphere inspired in Morocco.