Pedro Franco

A Lot Of Brasil

The International Milan Furniture Fair (Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano) is the most important furniture fair in the world, every year all eyes are on the most diverse design productions from all continents.

In 2018, Bontempo was present at the fair with its Pixel Line, a co-creation in a partnership with Pedro Franco, designer and art director of A Lot of Brasil – becoming the first Brazilian company specialized in customized furniture to exhibit at iSaloni.

Pixel Line presents an innovative concept with magnetized aluminum structure which allows to fit fronts in different materials such as wood, fabric and glass. The fronts can be changed and composed accordingly to the client’s preference, renewing the piece and the space at any moment.

Rudimar Stedile, Pedro Franco e Rosmar Stedile.

The new product was released in Milan, invited by Pedro, co-creator of the project. According to him, Pixel Line comes out as a revolution in the way of using and perceiving furniture and, consequently, spaces. “This goes way beyond what is supposed about its usage, because it is a piece that is linked to lifestyle, to people that do not limit themselves to only one style or pattern”, he observes.

For Pedro, Pixel Line is the reunion of functionality, quality and technology, following all different life stages and their constant mutations.

For Rudimar Stedile, Bontempo CEO, the presence at iSaloni seals the brand mission. “Bontempo has been chasing inspiration at Milan Fair for more than two decades and being there as an exhibitor this time makes all of us very proud. The partnership between A Lot of Brasil comes to enhance goals and ideals which we have been indorsing for a long time: the importance of constant innovation in product design and, above all, the value of Brazilian design.  Pixel Line can bring together these two sides and it also materializes our positioning: allowing infinite possibilities to our customers. Being through colors, textures, forms or materials – without restrictions and accordingly to the singular lifestyle of each client”, he summarizes.

“We do believe in all the Avant Garde potential of Bontempo and in our capacity to understand that each person is unique and has different needs. This ability of personalization, versatility and realizing the essence that each project demands transforms the brand into one of the most important high standard furniture companies in Brazil. And now, it is the first brand from this segment to launch a line in Milan”, Pedro concludes.

Pedro Franco

Founder and art director of A Lot of Brasil, Franco is one of the most important Brazilian designers and creator of Esqueleto chair, one of the most exported pieces of high design from Brazil. In 2016, he was the first Brazilian to be part of the jury at the Milan Furniture Fair next to Paola Antonelli, from MoMa.