Bruno Faucz

A reference in the Brazilian market of high standard customizable furniture manufacturing, Bontempo celebrates its 40th anniversary with the launch of Adélia Chair.

The piece is an allusion to the beginning of the trajectory of the company, which began its activities in 1978, in the city of São Marcos, making chairs. Signed by designer Bruno Faucz, the piece honors the family tradition of wood furniture making for more than five generations.

Founded by brothers Rosmar, Rudimar and Rudinei Stedile, the company was created by the inspiration of the craft inherited from the founders’ ancestries – who immigrated from Italy to Brazil 100 years before and used to make chairs using materials such as wood and straw. This passion, and willing to start a company and impact positively people’s homes with their furniture, made Bontempo improve keeping at its core the endless search for innovative and personalized solutions for each project, carrying in its essence the tradition of Italian furniture.

The launch of Adélia Chair celebrates these 40 years of history and also honors the work of the five generations that came before and that remain as source of inspiration for the brand’s constant evolution. Whence the model created by Bruno Faucz is full of symbols that reminds us of such legacy, starting by its name which is a tribute to the founding brothers’ mother. 

This chair stands out also for its design which aims to translate the brand’s soul into a piece of furniture. According to designer Bruno Faucz, the idea was to create a product that, as it happens with Bontempo, is present in all rooms of the house, participating of people’s lives in a permanent way. “It is a piece with memory, all its base comes from the memories of the history of the company. I tried to bring history and top-notch technology together, which I see as the two fundamental pillars in this four-decade journey.”

With the creation of Adelia, Bontempo keeps alive a tradition that now reaches its sixth generation and intend to transcend many others in the course of time, pacing its growth in a solid journey in search for creativity and innovation allied to design. Whence Faucz was chosen, because even indirectly he has made part of this history with his pieces that compose the décor of several Bontempo stores in Brazil. “From this identification with my work came the invitation to design an exclusive product. It was a very happy moment in my life when the company came to me and explained the idea.  It is an honor to draw a project that celebrates such a meaningful date, 40 years is not for everyone!”,  Faucz concludes.

Bruno Faucz is from Santa Catarina State, Brazil, born in 1986 and grew up with a paper and a pencil in his hand. Graduated in Furniture Design in 2007 with a Master’s Degree in International Design. He has experienced design inside the industry for 7 years, when he applied design effectively in production. He has traveled all over Brazil researching aspects linked to the “moment of purchase”. He attends both national and international events to keep up with market trends and directions.